Acro Yoga is a dynamic practice, uplifting and enlivening us through movement, connection, creativity, and play.

Acro Yoga unites elements from Partner Acrobatics, Yoga, and Thai Massage, to form an interactive practice which cultivates community and personal growth.


Feel supported and challenged to believe in yourself, dissolve doubt, build trust, and grow in confidence as you discover new and fun way to move your body.


Whether you’re looking for a fun way to get fit, or seeking to explore new dimensions in your Yoga practice, Acro Yoga can take you to new heights. Learn to fly, find your inner strength, and turn your world up-side down!



Learn the exciting practice of Acro Yoga in our friendly classes for all levels, and get fit the fun way! Our innovative approach to exercise, will develop your strength, coordination, balance, and flexibility.


These classes are a great way to meet new people, as we work together to achieve the unbelievable. Laugh, connect, trust, grow, and surprise yourself with what you can do!


Be challenged and supported, to explore your fullest potential, with personalised teaching to meet individual goals. No partner or experience required. Just bring yourself as you are, with an open mind and a smile.



Sample all of the goodness that our classes offer, in the immersive and exciting space of a workshop! If you have never tired Acro Yoga before, an introductory workshop is a great way to start. We cover the key principles you will need to begin, with a few foundational poses to get you started in your practice. No partner or experience required. Just bring yourself as you are, with an open mind and a smile.


Acro Yoga workshops can be tailored to big or small groups, for young and the young at heart. They are a fantastic way to get people interacting and laughing at an event. Contact Sarah Fae to inquire about booking a workshop.


- Team building

- Community events

- Festivals


Find freedom in your movement, and love the body you live in!

Acro Yoga Progressions


Progressions workshops are designed for those who have learned the basics of Acro Yoga, and want to progress their skills to the next level. These intermediate workshops focus on breaking down a challenging transition, washing machine or flow into achievable progressions and practice drills. We will assume a level of previous experience, and move at a faster pace, offering compact information content and guidance to refine your technique. Come fine tune your moves to flow with ease and grace!

Redefine possible


Prerequisites for each workshop will vary, always check the details of each workshop, and don’t hesitate to ask Sarah Fae if you are unsure.






Join us for these fun, playful, and energetic classes, and spend quality time with your kids, stress free! During the summer we meet outside to practice in the fresh air surrounded by trees. Bring your kids, and invite your own inner child to come out and play. Learn something new together, laugh, connect, and make memories to last a lifetime.



Can’t make it to a class? Make your own! Sarah is available for small group classes. Host your own Acro Yoga class for a small group of friends, and focus on the skills your group wants to learn.


Fast track your learning with private coaching, and receive one to one personalised guidance to help you achieve your personal goals. Calibrate and progress your skills with your training partner, and focus on the skills you want to achieve.



Hourly rate per person:


$80 - 1 person

$50 - 2 people

$40 - 3 people

$35 - 4 people

$30 - 5 people

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