"Sarah is great! Her classes are fun and she caters for all levels. I highly recommend going to her classes, just be careful you might not want to ever leave!"




When we connect with the flow and rhythm

 of our bodies, all of Life becomes a dance...


At LifeDance we believe moving the body can be so much more than just ‘exercise’. LifeDance offers

a fun, social, alternative to fitness through exciting, inclusive classes in Acro Yoga and Dance.


We offer classes for all levels, empowering every student to discover the happiest, healthiest

version of themselves, by cultivating vitality, confidence, and deeper body awareness.


Get fit, flexible and strong, develop coordination, and learn to love moving the body you live in!


Community is at the heart of the Acro Yoga practice. Come connect through movement and play,

and open the door to a growing, Global community. Meet new people, make connections for life,

and learn Yoga that can take you everywhere.


Through personalised coaching, we challenge and support every student to explore their fullest potential,

catering to all individual needs and goals.


Sarah’s journey into the world of human movement began as a young child, first in figure skating and later, Middle Eastern Dance. Moving to music and  her own rhythm through dance became an enduring love,  guiding her through challenges and leading her to vibrancy and joy.  Her passion for motion, balance and flow also lead her to explore

Jiu Jitsu, Capoeira, Pilates, Yoga, Circus Arts, Rock Climbing, and a variety of dance forms.


Sarah draws on the knowledge and experience from this multiplicity of skills to inform and enrich her teaching style.


Sarah instantly fell in love with the practice of Acro Yoga when she first took flight in 2014. Acro Yoga offered an exciting new avenue to explore many aspects movement that she had encountered before, and the practise transformed her lifestyle.

She discovered an open door to a global community, meeting incredible people from all over the world with

common interests and values.


Through Acro Yoga, Sarah found confidence in her own body again, overcoming an injury which had left her struggling to trust abilities she once took for granted.


Over the years she has trained across Australia,

in Canada, the USA, and Indonesia, and continues to actively seek out new training opportunities at every turn.


Sarah seeks to empower others to find greater health, freedom of movement, and happiness for themselves. Nothing makes her happier than to see someone’s eyes light up with a smile when they achieve a new skill for the first time.


She believes everyone can find joy through movement, connection and play. No matter your age, your skills, your body, or your hesitations. Sarah invites anyone to come as they are, and strives to honour and guide each student on their individual path.




2018 began with a Circus adventure! Performing for a 16 show run at the famous Fringe World Festival, Sarah Fae teamed up with some incredible performers and musicians from Perth to create their all new show, Steve Hensby’s Circus. What a fantastic experience to be a part of this production crew. Night after night of fun and full energy, our shows were a hit and we loved every moment.

Big heartfelt thanks to the whole Steve Hensby’s Circus team, and to all of the family, friends, students, and Acro Yoga community who came out to support the show. It’s a thrill to look up from the stage to see familiar faces smiling back!


FLOW Festival December 2017

As 2017 wound to an end, it was a pleasure to share the joy of Acro Yoga at the blissful FLOW Festival. Out under the shady trees of Serpentine WA, we connected, played, balanced, and danced. Thanks to all of the Acro Yoga community who joined us for the workshop, and all the beautiful people who tried Acro Yoga for the first time!

Spun Out Fire and Circus Festival November 2017

The last weekend of November was an exciting one for LifeDance, with Sarah Fae teaching and performing Acro Yoga at Spun Out: Fire and Circus Festival, in Chidlow WA. This incredible event was full of all things fire, circus, and flow arts. Three days of workshops, and two nights of outstanding performances by some very talented artists. It was a thrill to be a part of the fun!



Listen for the music, the Circus is on the move! And on it’s way to Fairbridge Festival, WA. Sarah Fae is once again collaborating with members of Steve Hensb’y Circus, and Junkadelic Brass Band, to bring a whole lot of energy and interactive entertainment to Fairbridge. Look out for our workshop on the Fairbridge Festival program, and join us for the Sunday Parade!



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New Acro Yoga Class Opening Soon!

In this open-level class we will cover the foundational skills of Acro Yoga for beginners.  Intermediate progressions will be introduced throughout the course for ongoing students, and those ready and keen for more of a challenge! 

When: Mondays 7:30-9:00pm,

March 26th – April 30th

Where: CirQuest Circus School,

17 Howlett St, North Perth

Cost: $120 – 6 week course

To reserve your place in the class, please book online at: https://www.cirquest.com.au/book-and-pay-online

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